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10 Chinese idiomatic sentences to speak like a real Chinese (+ bonus insults)

nicholasba Mar 30.2018 10:50 + Add your comment
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10 Chinese idiomatic sentences to speak like a real Chinese (+ surprise)


Words like OMG, selfie and LOL are now entered in our online lexicon and if you add some phrases in English, they can make your English a little more ' native '.

Now consider this:

 709,580,000 are internet users in China with an increase of 6.27% year-over-year: How many slang expressions like those exist in China?

These expressions in Chinese rarely taught in the classroom, nor covered with textbooks. In addition, the Chinese language constantly changes, influenced by pop culture, video games, and most importantly, the Internet and viral news. 

The old words are lengthened with new meaning, the new words are created and some words are stolen from other languages. Unless you're completely immersed in Chinese culture, it's hard to keep up with the latest slang.


I have collected 10 expressions, the most popular and fundamental to impress your Chinese friends: eye that if you use them in chat, then you will be mistaken for Chinese!



1) (TǓ)




In a literal sense,  "土 " means soil or dirt, but used as an adjective, it means "vulgar" "Bad taste", "out of fashion", even "Kitch "


Example:  "那件衬衫好土, 不买它! "

 "-Nà Jiàn chènshān hǎo tǔ, Bú mǎi Ta'if! "

 "That shirt is too kitch, don't buy it!"


Derived words: 土豪 tǔ háo – Rich but not educated people who love to flaunt their wealth. They are often people who grew up in poverty and then became rich very quickly.


2) 卖萌 (why MÉNG)


卖萌 is a verb that means "expressly pretend to be cute." It is typically used by people when you make a selfie.

Example:  "拍张自拍, 卖萌一下! "

 "Pāi Zhāng zìpāi, Màiméng Yīxià! "

"Get yourself a selfie to show your sympathy!





3) (QĪN)


亲 (Qīn) is an abbreviated form of the Chinese term of tenderness  "亲爱的 (qīn Ài de) ", which literally means "caro " or  "Caro". The term is most often used as a salute on the Internet in order to create a warm and affectionate tone. You can think of it as a Chinese equivalent of "star, or baby ".


Example:  "亲! 我想你了! "

 "Qīn! Wǒ xiǎng nǐ le!  "

 "Stella! I missed you!




4) 哥们 (GĒ men)


Similar to the English word "Bro ", 哥们 (gē Men) literally means "brothers ". But while the American version of  "Bro " has assumed a slightly derogatory meaning in its association with males, in Chinese the 哥们 are close friends, with whom it turned often.


 "Tom 是我高中时候的哥们 ".

 "Tom Shì Wǒ Gāo Zhòng shíhòu. "

"Tom is my high school friend. "















5) 也是醉了 (YĚSHÌ ZUÌLE) 









也是醉了 is a way to gently express your frustrations with someone or something that is completely unreasonable. The expression has a slightly sarcastic tone.

Literally means "even drunk", as in  "I must also be drunk, because I can not understand you, since you do not make sense because you are drunk." You could also translate it as "I fall off my Arms" example:  "一瓶水要一百块? 我也是醉了  ".

 "Yī Píng shuǐ Yào yībǎi kuài? Wǒ yěshì zuìle  ".

 "A bottle of water for $100? I fall off my arms


6) 你行你上 (NǏ XÍNG NǏ SHÀNG)

Generally used to people who criticize the work of others, especially when those who criticize is not much better. Often the phrase is followed by "If you do not succeed BB " (Bu Xing BIE BB 【不行别BB 】), which means  "If you can not do, then do not criticize the other ".  "BB " means nag or complaining in the Beijing dialect and the Dongbei.

This phrase originally came from a heated discussion among basketball fans, and literally means "if you think you can do it, then go do it."


Example:  "你知道科比有多努力吗? 你行你上啊!  "

 "nǐ zhīdào kēbǐ yǒu duō nǔlì ma? Nǐ xíng Nǐ Shàng A!

 "Do you know how much Kobe (briant)? You can do it, do it!


7) 不感冒 (onase GǍN MÀO)


 "感冒 " literally means "cold", but "不感冒" is used instead of  "does not care " or  "no matter ".

Example:  "我对她一见钟情, 她对我不感冒. "

 "I fell in love with her at first sight, but she doesn't care."






8) 算了 (SUÀNLE)

算了 has a meaning similar to the English  "Forget it " or  "Let It Go". It is also used to signal that things have come to an end, whether it be for an evening in the city, or a relationship.


Example:  "我们就此算了吧, 你说呢? "

 "Wǒmen jiùcǐ suànle BA, nǐ shuō ne? "

 "Forget it, (let us), what do you say?"



9) (SHÉN)

神 literally translated as "divinity", is commonly used to compliment someone for his superior skills, generally techniques: from success in the stock market (股神) to being great in the use of Photoshop (ps神).  "




Esempio: "最早成就股神称号的是巴菲特".

"Zuì zǎo chéngjiù gǔshén chēnghào de shì bāfēitè."

 "The first that reaches the level" divinity "of the Markets" is a (Warren) Buffet "



10) 88 (bā bā) and other numbers...

Numbers plays a big role in China.


• 88 Bā bā – 叭叭 bā bā (Bye bye!)

Example: "我必须睡觉! 88!

 "wǒ baby Xū shuì jiào! 88! 

I have to go to sleep! Bye bye!


• 995 jiǔ jiǔ wǔ – 救救我 jiù jiù wǒ (help me!!!)

Example: 我不知道怎么做! 995! 

wǒ onase zhī dào zěn me zuò help me!!! I don't know how to do it!


• 520 "Wǔ ' Èr Líng" as it recalls the sound of "我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ), which means" I love You ". Now that you know try to guess what it means 5201214

Example: 我觉得你真可爱 – 520! wǒ jué de nǐ zhēn kě ài – 520! (I find you adorable – I love you!)


土豪 tǔ Háo – Rich but not educated people who love to flaunt their wealth. They are often people who grew up in poverty and then became rich very quickly.

富二代 was ÈR-literally "the second rich generation," was ÈR the sons and daughters of big businessmen or political figures. Their extravagant lifestyles are often mocked online.
火星人 huǒ Xīng Rén-Someone who is very strange, or strange. Literally, "Someone from Mars."

P民 Pī Mín- "Rabble". Used to describe the way the Chinese government sees ordinary people.

凸 Tū-Because of the similarity this character works like a emoji that represents the middle finger.

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