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The life at other side

samchoe2002 Aug 04.2016 02:52 + Add your comment
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Drak-Ye-Pa is one of the most beautiful hill station in Lasa (or Lhasa), Xizang (西藏) . To me, this city is more like an international rendezvous avenue. Throughout the seasons you can find people from every nooks and crannies of the world. And because of their regular presence, even the restaurants around here started to serve wide range of dishes which suits the taste of the people and I am sure this is one of the reason why many tourist says they get a sense of home away from home. Having said that if you want to order something you will have to turn at least 5 pages of menu to get what you want to have. When you decided what you want to have, you either point your finger on it or let your smart device speaks for you because, many delicacies got such a tricky name that you may sound like cat got strangled if you try to pronounce it. Trust me it happened to me many times :-)
It may sounds much of an exaggeration but I have decided to read some books and write few articles despite I know the fact that I am a lousy writer. At the beginning I was bit skeptical over it because of the preconceived notion of my imperfections and short-comings. Nevertheless, I have decided to scribble down. Annie Frank once said “Paper has more patient than people”, and I wish the same will stand true here.
Recently I have read “IQ84” by one of my favourite writer who is known other than Haruki Murakami. I read couple of books by him in the past as well like ‘Norwegian Wood’, ‘Kafka on the Shore’ and ‘Dance Dance Dance’ were few of them. Those books helped to tickle my cravings to read more. So I asked couple of my friends to suggest me few good books and most of them recommended me many books but I don’t know how "Eleven Minutes" is in one among the suggested list and adventitiously I have it in my iPad. So, I read it partly because I have heard that the book is comprised of arcane adult things and poignant life story of a person, which got me intrigued.
When I go through the book, the story is indeed spell-binding and couldn’t leave the book unattended until I finished reading it.
Usually, neither I have strong grudge against sex-worker (prostitute) nor I appreciate them but, through this book, I truly gained a different perspective of their life. I do not feel pity on them nor their life looks glamorous to me but, this book helped me understand that they are also another human being who struggles like us, who are trying to meet their ends meet and realise a dream - a dream to support their family, a dream to earn enough so that they can quit the job, a dream to buy a house or a dream to send their kid to the best school, you name it. I am happy that it helped me to gain a bird's eye view on "the life at other side".
With much respect to all of you out there

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